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Dennis Farmer is an amazing teacher. He meets the needs of each individual & provides the scaffolding & support needed for them to succeed, while also pushing them to stretch and improve both as a musician and a person. I recommend him to anyone & everyone looking for a quality music experience.

-  Erica Adler 
               parent of 2 students - 8 years 

Over the last nine years, Mr. Farmer has taught my children to play multiple instruments with patience and encouragement.   He works hard to help them reach their full potential and keeps them engaged with songs that they are interested in.  He has instilled a love of music in my children!

- Amanda Jenkins
        parent of 2 students -  5 & 9 years

Both of my children were initially reluctant musicians but under the guidance of Mr. farmer they each developed musical capabilities & enjoyment - even joy! Mr farmer's sense of humor always added to their experience & helped them learn the pleasure & pride of musical expression.

- Caroline Mullin
        parent of 2 students - 6 & 8 years

What People Are Saying

Mr. Farmer has a way of helping students of every age and personality understand and enjoy playing an instrument. He keeps them engaged and excited to learn. We are on our seventh year with MVMI and look forward to many more years.

- Melinda Benbrahim

          parent of 4 students - 1, 1, 4 & 7 years 

My daughter started taking group lessons with Mr. Farmer in 6th grade when we began homeschooling, and continued through 12th. She loved it! She loved playing with others and performing. Mr. Farmer was patient and knowledgeable, helping to instill a love and passion for the musical arts. It was a wonderful experience.

- Lucy Chapman

         parent - 7 years


Mr. Farmer has been a dear friend of mine for over 25 years. His musicianship extends beyond the bounds of performance. Mr. Farmer is a true educator, equipped with unparalled integrity & unwavering dedication. His penchant for engaging and inspiring students to achieve excellence is remarkable. Through his skill, patience and creativity, Mr. Farmer offers the highest level of musical education to his young students.

-  Dr. Jessica Maxfield, DM
             USC Thornton School of Music 

Our whole family fondly remembers the fun lessons Dennis gave. The times were both instructive and engaging. It was great to see the young people and children progress in their skill, individually and as a group; learning the art of listening as well as making sound. Highlights were the pieces played as a group at the end of the semester or year. most of these young people have gone on to include music in their lives. One is majoring in it now and others have been a part of various ensembles and collegiate groups. We highly recommend his instruction to a variety of age groups!

-  The Sutton Family (my 1st homeschool group while still teaching public school)
              parents of 9 students - 4 years 

I have had the chance to work with Mr. Farmer 1st as a student (band & music theory) and more recently as a colleague. He has always encouraged and supported me in learning and growing as a student and well rounded musician. As a student, Mr. farmer made sure that my individual learning needs were met both in and out of the classroom. I teach 4-8 grade band and have drawn upon his knowledge and expertise many times as I start my own career.

-  Whitney Finster 
               band director, former student 


Dennis Farmer was a wonderful teacher for my daughter Charlotte. She started into 7th grade with no experience on her chosen instrument - mallet percussion. Dennis helped her develop into a musician. His musicality and ability to transfer his knowledge to students impressed me very mush.

- Ali Thomas

          parent - 4 years 

I have known Dennis for over 10 years. He taught both of my children in the Yellow Springs School System and has been a wonderful mentor to my daughter who is now a music teacher. His passion for music and his "students first" approach to teaching inspire young musicians to enjoy music & develop their musical skills.

- Dave Finster    

      parent of 2 students - 8 years +


My children enjoy learning how to play their instruments from a trained music teacher surrounded by other homeschool children. Dennis makes learning fun, and they never feel pressure while learning. I love that parents are welcome to watch or play along and learn too! So thankful I found this program!

Dennis has a way with kids and parents that can't be compared. His love of music is clear and his ability to inspire others comes naturally. We are so lucky to have Dennis!

-  Beth Rubin
                     parent  - 7 years 

I have watched the progress you made with these kids and it is fantastic. They all love you. Not many teachers can say this and not many can make this kind of impression on our children today.

-  Debbie Brock
               parent - 4 years 

-  Victoria Green
               parent of 2 students - 2 years 

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